Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thanks for clearing the streets today, Maggie!

Thanks for clearing the streets on the way through Central London today, Margaret :-) It so great if you only have to manoeuver around the countless tourist groups instead of squeezing through an endless chain of black cabs and lorries. Unfortunately, won't happen every day, will it?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Thomas Hobbes!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Hobbes on your 425. birthday,

in honour of the 'inventor' of the Leviathan, I present to you here an 'orchestrated' flashmob of Ode to Joy. It is the hymn of the European Union, our modern version of your Leviathan. The institution that has rendered Europe the most peaceful continent on the planet.

In 1651, not a man on this planet could have imagined that an orchestra (I doubt that many people had seen an orchestra at the time) would 'sponateously' assemble in the city centre and play a piece of music for everyone to enjoy.